Alison Turner



For the past three years, I’ve lived out of my car while traveling America with my dog. Each day I headed out to an unknown destination. I wasn’t attracted to mundane tourist attractions. Instead, I was drawn to everyday Americans simply living their lives. I took daily portraits of people I randomly encountered at campsites, rest stops, bingo halls, their home, or wandering around town. Each stop had its own unique population of Americana personalities. Relying on my distinct personal aesthetic, I would instantly recognize my perfect stranger to photograph. In that moment of paths crossing, I would take their portrait. This year, I’m choosing to stay in one place for a while. As a result of traveling alone for so long, my close connections at home were few. I’ve recently focused on building relationships with new friends and connect through photography, often putting them in unique and sometimes vulnerable situations. Dissolve is one image from this ongoing project. Dissolve is about shedding how the world sees us to find our true self. To begin that journey, we must remove everything from the surface and vanish into ourselves.

Selected by Anne Lyden, International Photography Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland.