Andrea Laborde



I was introduced to the Mordancage process 8 years ago and immediately was struck by its hands-on nature, and its remarkable ability to translate the photograph into photo-illustration. My current series is simultaneously a study and invocation of the internal landscape. The subjects find themselves alone, often confined, and always reflective.  I’ve chosen to photograph lone young women for this series, as I feel they are the most effective conduit for conveying the intimate and complex nature of the internal world.  The barefaced vulnerability of these isolated young women is meant to open the viewer to a state of receptivity, where meaningful and intimate reflection can take place. Ultimately, I feel that the imperfect, fluid nature of this type of physical alteration of the photograph is perfectly fitted to the subject matter: beautiful despite and more so because of these truths. I live, study, work and teach in Baton Rouge, LA.

Selected by Julian Cox, Chief Curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.