Art Levit

“Branching: #155 (amazon delta), 2006”


This photograph is from a series called “Branching.” Branching reflects time passing–both in the physical universe (trees, blood vessels, nerve synapses, lightning) and also in the non-material world (ideas, genealogies, civilizations). I see the photographs in the series as natural line drawings, whose forms suggest unique histories, creating a sense of depth and mystery.


EXHIBITIONS Falkirk Annual Bay Area Juried Exhibition. -Falkirk Gallery San Rafael, CA 2008 Photographic Narratives: A Survey of Bay Area Contemporary Photography. -Falkirk 2007 (juried group show) One Shot x 2. Calumet Gallery, SF, CA 2007 (group show) All Over the Map. Calumet Gallery, SF 2006 (group show) One Shot 2006. Harvey Milk Ctr, SF 2006 (group show) One Shot 2005. Harvey Milk Ctr, SF 2005 (group show) Abstracts. Focus Gallery, SF 2005 (group show) Grids and Reflections. Photolab Gallery. Berkeley, CA 2004 (solo show) BODIES OF WORK Anonymous Series 2007-present Branching Series 2005-present Natural Abstracts 2005-present Grids and Reflections 2004 PUBLICATIONS (not complete) “Art Levit : Compressed Energy” Rangefinder 10/2005 “Photo, painting exhibits explore vantage points.” ContraCosta Times 1/2005 AFFILIATION Bay Area Photographers Collective

Selected by Carol McCusker, Curator of Photography at the Harn Museum of Art.