Carmen Spitznagel

“Lost Childhood”


The photograph “Lost Childhood” is part of a series dealing with the subject of any kind of lost childhood: Childhood has varied within the last years. Children play on cyber playgrounds – no any longer on real ones. Their lives are defined by constraining datebooks and there is much less time for undesigned play and just having fun with others. Playgrounds – vivid places full of laughing and frolicking children change to empty, deserted, lost spaces. In many families books of fairytales are no longer part of childhood, television shows are accompanying children from breakfast to bedtime. Another aspect is the loss of “the inner child” during a life: By growing up and living a life full of commitments and busy schedules the inner child, creativity, liveliness often gets lost within the years. The series and especially the photo has been awarded “Honorable Mention” at Prix de La Photographie Paris and “Nominee” at The International Color Awards.


I live in a small village in the mountains Rhoen in the middle of Germany and work as a fine art photographer. My work has been featured in a growing number of shows worldwide.

Selected by Julian Cox, Chief Curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.