Daniel Jackson

“Summer in Movement”


“Summer in Movement” shows a trailside scene of grasses and wildflowers; amidst the chaos of natural growth, a necklace of bright leaves emerges. The photo was inspired by Paul Strand’s Fall in Movement, but whereas that image depicts the end of summer and the onset of decay, this captures summer in the peak of its vitality.”Summer in Movement” was one of the first images taken for the portfolio “A Berkshire Summer,” about the long days of a summer spent on woodland paths and in cool ponds. Other recent work of mine includes studies of Frank Gehry’s Stata Center; of the 19th century pumps of the Chestnut Hill Waterworks; and of a Nature Garden designed by a colleague of Olmsted’s.


My photography explores elements of beauty and spirituality found in everyday scenes. I aspire to joining a long tradition of straight photography whose pleasures are quieter and slower, however unfashionable that may currently be. For me, the camera offers, as Minor White put it, an extension of seeing; it lets us see further and more deeply. I believe, like Emmet Gowin, that photographs capture moments at which the world was generous enough to allow us to see a little more.

Selected by Anne Lyden, International Photography Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland.