Douglas Hill

“Persimmons, Sebastopol, CA, 2006”


California is habitat to a huge variety of indigenous and imported trees. This persimmon tree is located on a six acre apple orchard recently purchased by friends in Sebastopol, California.


I was born in London, grew up outside New York and have liven in Los Angeles since 1968. I attended UCLA and CalArts. In 2005 I photographed seventy-two bridges over the Los Angeles River, part one of a two part series called “Poured in Place.” Part two is to be completed this year. “Arbor Days,” a visual catalog of trees, “Small Business,” and “Silver Lake: Surface Tension,” an exploration of my Los Angeles neighborhood of the past 27 years, are three ongoing series. In 1982-83 and 1999 I photographed Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox studios for “Studio Backlots.”

Selected by Tim Wride, Curator of Photography at the Norton Museum of Art.