George kavanagh

“Black Beauty”


George’s images are describes to be lyrical mosaics of line and colour with light and deep shadows that incorporate the nocturne and its’ sense of mystery. He uses the grand scale of the landscape to form graphic forms of areas that have been designed and shaped by human usage. His photographs often use the artifice of night to show the surrealistic quality of contrast and unanchored forms, giving an evocative other-worldliness to them. George’s genius is in his calculated ambiguity and systematic approach to design offering us a kind of timeless atmosphere full of wonderment.


George studied Graphic and Visual Communications at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with First Class BA Honors. His initial inclination towards graphics was pushed aside when he started freelance work as a photojournalist where he discovered a new love of photography. Upon moving back to London he continued in photojournalism by shooting for The Independent Newspaper and the Daily Telegraph. Over the next 5 years he steadfastly built up his portfolio containing his unique personal work. At the young age of 24, he was given his first advertising commission for American Express which catapulted George into his commercial career.

Selected by Arthur Ollman, Emeritus Professor at San Diego State University.