Jennifer Helene



Jennifer Helene is pleased to exhibit a piece from her “Lovely” series, which is made up of female posed portraits with a poetic documentary feel. Helene’s objective is to expose a quiet moment, a woman in thought. Still and sedentary, truth speaks through their eyes and body postures with small pieces of background revealed. The art behind the approach of this work was finding the lovely naked feeling in the appearance of the subjects. Jennifer Helene feels she has a special ability to see fragility in people. This ability may have stemmed from a variety of sources throughout her life. Helene is an only child with a quiet approach that has shaped her to be both an observer and analyzer. Once one is able to be completely self aware, the ability to see the reflection in others appears. This work is about private moments. This work is about Jennifer Helene. Each model is nothing more than a symbol.


Jennifer Helene was born in 1983 in Philadelphia, now residing in New Jersey. In earlier years Helene studied drawing, sculpture, and design. Presently, she is obtaining her BS in Photography at the Philadelphia Art Institute with a scheduled graduation date of 2011.

Selected by Natasha Egan, Curator and Executive Director at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.