Josef Tornick

“Connemara Pony Show Judging, Ireland, 2007”


I took this photo on an overcast day, outside a little village in the Connemara region on the West Coast of Ireland. It was a remarkably low-key affair, but one of great importance and seriousness to the local folk. This young man was competing with his beautiful horse against many wealthy suit-and-tie dressed owners. There is a mysterious and somber quality here, with it’s hints of tension, movement, and beauty. The judge is a dim figure in the background and hints at a narrative….to be completed by the viewer, perhaps?


I like to consider myself a project-oriented humanist documentary photographer. After years of deep inward study and reflection, there is now an effortless flow of images from my camera, reflecting a long sought integration. In the words of Goethe, “In his own magic circle wanders the wonderful man, and draws us with him to wonder and take part in it.” I am deeply happy to have found my place, camera in hand, in this world. My work has been exhibited in museums, published in LensWork, and has won awards in juried shows.

Selected by Charlotte Cotton, Curator in Residence at the International Center of Photography.