Klaus Kampert

“Water Creatures 2”


Showing the human body combined with a water surface allows one to concentrate on new body forms in two ways. Body parts which are below the waterline are almost hidden and the reflection of the body on the surface adds another form to it. The water hides and reflects the body parts at the same time, which leads to new and more abstract sculptural forms.


I was born in Duesseldorf, Germany where I still live and work today. As a photographer I am self-taught. In the early 1980s I established my own studio working as a freelance photographer for the advertising business—mainly fashion and beauty productions at home and abroad. But also from the beginning, and increasingly, I did my personal projects which today are my main field of work. I am mostly dealing with the human body, with the triad of body-mind-emotion in particular. It is this that I try to explore, as it lets me get close to the human being as a whole. Moreover I have a weakness for picturing three-dimensional statue-like bodies in whole, or part, in dramatic lighting and posing. Many of my images, especially nudes and ballet-dancers have been printed in international publications and are much sought after among collectors.

Selected by Julia Dolan, Curator of Photography at the Portland Art Museum.