Kristine Heykants



The photograph “Equestrienne” was inspired by the Hitchcock film “Marnie”. The title character in the film is a beautiful young secretary troubled by an incident from her childhood involving her prostitute mother. In the end she is saved by a wealthy businessman who forces her to marry him, consequently helping Marnie to resolve her problems. My photograph takes the theme of horse riding (Marnie’s one love) and creates a static mini-drama. While all of the picture perfect elements are in place, something clearly isn’t right. For me it is this tension that makes Equestrienne compelling.


The ongoing photography project Media Roles (of which Equestrienne is a part) represents my effort to create a new reality from a language built on the vocabulary of our visual popular culture. Artifacts taken from film, television, internet and the printed media are appropriated and transformed to create a visual language exploring current societal themes. My pictures are expressionist in nature and reveal a tension between gender roles and human relational issues. I seek to create a narrative based on my experience in our culture as a middle class woman and as a consumer of the media.

Selected by Tim Wride, Curator of Photography at the Norton Museum of Art.