Marie Cecile Thijs

“Girl with White Collar at Table”


Marie Cecile Thijs mingles contemporary style with classical aesthetics in this photograph that is part of a series entitled ‘White Collar’. The girl is wearing a 17th-century antique ruff collar that belongs to the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Because this collar is so delicate and rare, it was photographed separately in the Rijksmuseum and placed afterwards on the model by way of digital imaging.


Dutch photographer Marie Cecile Thijs specializes in portraiture. In her photographs she strives for intensity and illusion. Marie Cecile Thijs initially had a career as a lawyer, but more than fifteen years ago she rediscovered her earlier love for the camera, and decided to become a photographer. Since then, she has achieved much recognition for her photoseries ‘Human Angels’ and ‘Legal Practitioners’.  ‘White Collar’ is her newest autonomous photo project. She is also known for her portraits of politicians, artists and writers. Her photography is acquired by art collectors and companies, and she exhibits frequently in Amsterdam and throughout Europe.

Selected by Natasha Egan, Curator and Executive Director at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.