Meg Madison

“Domplatz, from The Stream of Life series, 2012”


The Stream of Life series is inspired by, and a meditation on, The Stream of Life  (Agua Viva) by Clarice Lispector. The moments in the past become the present as the photographer chooses them, and as the viewer looks at them. The past is a shadow on the moment of the viewing. Domplaz is the name of the street in Bamberg, Germany, where this picture was taken. The 12 photographs in The Stream of Life are each titled with their street name. The silver gelatin prints are hand- sewn with linen thread onto the page, creating additional lines of thread on the image. The pages of hand-sewn images are interspersed with letterpress prints of text lines from Lispector’s The Stream of Life, and are bound in a handmade limited-edition book.


I was born and raised in New York City, studied film at San Francisco State University with Trinh T. Ming-ha and moved to Los Angeles in 1988. I began taking photographs with a twin-lens Rolleiflex in the 1990s and my work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions.

Selected by Julia Dolan, Curator of Photography at the Portland Art Museum.