Nicholas Leiter Mele



There are so many amazing things in this world that we don’t see because we are moving too fast to really notice them. I come from a background of studying sociology, examining social behavior and the hows and whys of that behavior. I think one of the most difficult tasks when photographing people is to make a stranger interesting to the audience. I try and present people in ways that let them tell their story. I want the audience to look at one of my portraits and immediately have the desire to know more about that person and his or her world.


I draw on influences from cinema and pop culture, as well as fine art. My main influences, however, are my subjects themselves. Their creativity, style, intelligence, drive, and/or rich history feeds my vision. Everyone, I think, has something worth capturing if you are willing to slow down long enough to really see it. Nicholas Mele was born in Southampton, NY in 1982. A graduate of Phillips Academy Andover, Georgetown University and the International Center of Photography, he currently resides in NYC where he works as a freelance photographer. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support and inspiration.

Selected by Tim Wride, Curator of Photography at the Norton Museum of Art.