Nicole Maloney



I was shooting old barns for my Western series of mixed media photographs last summer in Montana and got caught in a sudden rainstorm. I found shelter in an old barn. When the rain stopped the sun was setting behind me and a rainbow appeared. I loved the golden hue of light over the meadow below and the lengthening shadows on the trees in the foreground. I grabbed my Hasselblad 503C 6×6 medium format camera and set my shutter at 1/30 second at F4. A few minutes later it was gone. Nicole Maloney’s work explores the soul in the face, the land, the object or the environment in which she shoots.


Nicole is best known for her book, RARE (Daab Books, 2008) in which she pairs extraordinary individuals with images of wild animals to awaken the dream within us all to see the good in man. Nicole’s current work in mixed media combines Nicole’s Western series of photographs with painted geometric shapes using bright and bold acrylics. Nicole’s work can continue to be viewed in future publications and gallery shows throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Selected by Charlotte Cotton, Curator in Residence at the International Center of Photography.