Shayne Lynn  



I walk. I take pictures. For years, I have been trying to keep it that simple. My landscape photography is an opportunity to be mindful. I stop and observe, interrupting myself to take a picture. Using the camera to examine nature, deciding what to leave in or out, becomes a direct spontaneous connection to myself. I start by identifying color within the frame, making it the protagonist of the image. Then the shapes and patterns; using a flash to dissolve, yet highlight the details. Though my photography is a solitary pursuit, showing my work engages me with my community. Shayne Lynn is a freelance photographer living and working in Burlington, Vermont.


Shayne is a native Vermonter, a graduated of the University of Vermont in 1993. He also studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Southern California. It was here, where he also began his practice of yoga. Leaving Brooks before graduating, Shayne moved back to Vermont where photography and yoga provide a balanced living. His editorial and commercial works have been published in numerous national magazines. Shayne is currently working on his first book of portraits, “Living Local”.

Selected by Natasha Egan, Curator and Executive Director at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.