Vivian Keulards

“Gift From Heaven, Dominique”


For years now they take my breath away, red-headed children. The orange/red hair, their pale skin with clusters of freckles and their bright light eyes. At times they even seem to be translucent. When they look into my eyes I’m staggered. Sometimes I even feel a bit intimidated. Their fragile and sensitive appearance is often accompanied by their very powerful and strong-willed character. This surprising combination makes them even more unique. Only one percent of the human population carries this red head gene and they are becoming more rare and will likely be extinct in the next 100 years. In my photos I create a scenery where their unique looks come to life and capture the moment where you can feel their power, like they were sent as a gift from heaven. This piece is part of several collections.


Along with a Master’s Degree in Communication Science, I successfully graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. Recently I was selected for the NEW Dutch Photography Talent book by the makers of the magazine GUP. I participated in several group shows in the US and in Europe and I’m planning for my first solo show in Denver.

Selected by Julian Cox, Chief Curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.