Zaven Khachikyan_Sunset in Mountains, Armenia

Zaven Khachikyan

“Dusk in the mountains of Armenia”


Some friends and I had spent the day away from Yerevan on a sad occasion, and now we were on our way back, exhausted. For some time now, we had not seen the sun on the familiar road. “How come you’re not taking any shots?” one of my companions asked me. “Beautiful landscapes are often marked by one specific element,” I told him. “Once it appears, even from behind you, your camera comes out of the case on its own and does its work.”

Five minutes later, I noticed the village beyond the hillocks, with the light of the setting sun hovering above it. I dedicate this picture to the memory of my photographer friend Ruben Mangasaryan, who departed this world before turning 50.


Zaven Khachikyan is recognized as Armenia’s top photojournalist. His photos, published regularly in the Armenian and international media, are acclaimed for their daring, sensitivity, and high level of artistry. In addition to his pioneering work in photojournalism, Khachikyan has spearheaded a number of far-reaching training programs and online forums, and curated several film festivals.

Selected by Charlotte Cotton, Curator in Residence at the International Center of Photography.