Kennedy_Eileen_Exit and EntrancesEileen Kennedy

“Exits and Entrances” From the series ‘Beyond Success’


In “Beyond Success”, I follow my husband as he approaches the end of his legal career. He was fortunate, early in life, to find work he loved. Now in his late sixties, while still involved in active practice, he is expected to leave his firm to make room for the next generation.  As a spouse, I listen and empathize. As an artist, my challenge is to translate the emotions of this moment into visual form. Going beyond the straight documentary, I stage situations, but try to do so in a way that remains faithful to the real life tensions. I came to photography via the circuitous route of previous careers in teaching and law. My photographs have been published and exhibited in numerous U.S. venues, including the Center for Fine Art Photography, the Houston Center for Photography, Review Santa Fe and The Photo Review. The series ‘Beyond Success’ was recently selected by an international jury for the Cedefop/Thessaloniki Museum of Photography Award, and will be featured in a solo exhibit at the 2012 Photo Biennale in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Selected by Anne Lyden, International Photography Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland.