Simona Bonanno



My photograph is a tribute to Picasso’s drawings of bullfighting; it’s also inspired by Paleolithic cave paintings of Lascaux, in southwestern France. In those primitive images, the force and spirituality of the bull were represented with power. In the French southern region of Camargue, native black bulls with upward sweeping horns run free in the suggestive marshland in the delta of the Rhone River. I was born in Sicily in 1974. I’m a photographer, graphic and web designer. After obtaining my artistic High School degree, I studied graphic arts in Paris. I received a Bachelor of Arts in 1999 at the School of Arts in Italy. Since 2007, photography has become my first interest. My works have been exhibited in Italy, France, Argentina and Israel. In February 2013 I will have my first solo exhibition at Galerie Focale, in Switzerland. I’ve been “Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011” in the UK and I have won several awards, the most important is the Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2010, with my series “Chains of Silence”. I was published by several magazines (UK: Amateur Photographer, Digital Camera Magazine; Italy: Fotografia Reflex). I’m presently living and working between Italy and France.

Selected by Julian Cox, Curator of Photography and Chief Curator at the de Young Museum, San Francisco.