Renato D’Agostin

“Paris, 2007”


In 2007 I was asked to teach photography in the department of psychiatry in a hospital in Paris for a therapeutic project. The patients were young women with eating disorders, including anorexia. The day before starting the project, walking by the Seine River thinking about how to approach the task, this man caught my attention and the signs of his condition aligned with the frame around him. This photograph represents the starting moment of what then became one of the most challenging and beautiful experiences of my life. Born in 1983, Renato D’Agostin started his career in photography in Venice, Italy in 2001.The atmosphere of city life nourished his curiosity to capture life situations with the camera. For this, in 2002, he journeyed through the capitals of Western Europe. Back to Italy he joined the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in Milan. In 2005, he attended ICP in New York for courses in Fine Art Printmaking. Soon after, he became assistant to Ralph Gibson. In 2007, he presented Metropolis at the Leica Gallery in New York, followed by major galleries in the United States and Europe, represented by Galerie Photo 4 in Paris and MC2 Gallery in Milan.

Selected by Julian Cox, Curator of Photography and Chief Curator at the de Young Museum, San Francisco.