Tom Gallagher

“The Accumulation and Dissipation of Energy”


The visual artist’s constant challenge is that of speaking a foreign language. Words are not our art, we communicate with the blink of images, gestures of time and place that then remain static. I would refer to much of my work as abstract landscapes. This is not that all of my pictures are visually abstract. It is more that I revel in the experiences and circumstances that alter the way one sees the world; moments that render your own street uncharted territory, whether those surroundings are made such by physical, intellectual or emotional experiences. I aim to illustrate for the audience a place, emotion, occurrence or epiphany that they were unable to experience visually. As an artist, the possibility of presenting to viewers photographs that may enable them to re-experience and digest emotion through art and audienceship is the most honest expression of experience I can speak to. Tom received his B.A. in Photography at SIUC. He has lived and traveled abroad extensively which has shaped his interest in context and landscape. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where he is the owner and operator of Eleven9 Studio. More of his work may be viewed at

Selected by Julian Cox, Curator of Photography and Chief Curator at the de Young Museum, San Francisco.