Jason Paul Reimer

“Mineral Grace”


This piece is from a series entitled “Pilgrimage”, that seek to explore the idea of life being a spiritual journey, a voyage through challenging, disheartening, or uplifting terrain towards a destination that we all long for, whether or not we know where that destination lies. Inspired by personal experiences and real-life travels, as well as literature from sources as varied as Chaucer, Tolkien, Lewis, Bunyan, T. E. Lawrence and Wilfred Thesiger, my landscape photographs are the visual metaphor I have been using to begin mining the artistic, personal, philosophical, and theological implications of this idea. In this series, I attempted to convey the perspective of a traveler with many more parched and aching miles left to go, yet with a sense of gratitude for survival, purpose for perseverance, and an awe of the beauty even in the harsh lands where the traveler’s feet have tread, all the while anticipating new environments on the roads ahead. I was born and raised in San Diego, have lived and traveled in places like central Africa and Saudi Arabia, and earned a degree in Philosophy. Through my photographs, I investigate tension: the tension of what is, versus the way we want things to be.

Selected by Anne Lyden, Associate Curator of Photography at the J. Paul Getty Museum.