Jose Gallego

“Place 1861″


Many of my works, like ‘Place 1861’ try to create a different world but with the materials at cost. The photograph is a means of expression and truth, but also lies. Actually photographing means cutting the camera, with our eye, a slice of reality to show the viewer. This is misleading because the photograph, in general, hides the rest of reality that is outside the framework. But it is at the same time stimulating because it invites us to reflect upon reality and ourselves. So a soccer goal left in the snow can be a daunting metaphor of solitude, a gateway to another reality, or an invitation to move forward. What matters is that the image is not moving but inviting dialogue. I do photography for cars. Though my real job is a professor of literature, I have been teaching photography and image for 12 years at a center anza de Santander, Spain. In addition I have given courses on digital photography and clinics elsewhere in Spain. Now I’ve stopped doing this because I moved. I have done exhibitions in various cities such as Zaragoza, Spain and Bilbao, Madrid etc… Also I have started in a collective in New York, Italy and France. Now I am preparing an exhibition in Naples. My images have appeared in various media and magazines, from ‘The Country Weekly’ (a very important Spanish newspaper), photo magazines such as ‘Digital Photo,’ and the prestigious French magazine  ‘Photo-Art International.’ This year I will publish a book of 500 pages on the world of photography of clouds with the help of the National Agency of Meteorology Spain. I’m usually influenced by the world of painting (Baroque painters Spainish, impressionist painters metaphase Italian), and photography I admire (photographers like Franco Fontana, William Egglestone, marriage Becher, Chema Madoz, Ragnal Axelson, Luigi Ghirri or Sally Mann.)

Selected by Anne Lyden, Associate Curator of Photography at the J. Paul Getty Museum.