TK Kim

“MASK II – The Private Space”


I have been interested in the concept of the different masks that we all wear for sometime now and I keep finding different ways of exploring this idea. In my first series, Mask I, I explored the underlying question of “How many masks do we actually wear?” In my new series, Mask II, I am focused on the individual and personal confrontations with oneself. What masks do we wear in our own private space? Why do we hide behind the illusion of a mask rather than confront the reality of our self? Do the masks we wear actually reveal a deeper truth about us? The photographs in Mask II are focused into three areas of inquiry. The first is the box as ego and as a conscious mask. The second explores the idea of vulnerability by being exposed physically wearing simply underwear. The third and last idea investigates empty space, the room as a private space or stage where awkwardness and contradiction confront the unconscious. My interest in the mask as a second skin that molds us and alters our relationship to ourselves and to others is a rich territory for the photographic narratives I am passionate about creating.

Selected by Julian Cox, Curator of Photography and Chief Curator at the de Young Museum, San Francisco.