Our Story
PhotoCulture developed from our annual international exhibition, the Art of Photography Show. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the competition is that our judge is always a highly acclaimed museum curator.  Scaling from one competition per year with Art of Photography Show, we are rebranding and expanding to many competitions per year with the launch of the PhotoCulture app.

Photography has become a massive part of our culture. With the huge growth of smartphone cameras and online social networking, photography has become an everyday practice which influences everyone. The best camera in the world is the one you carry with you. Now, beyond simple snap shots, people everywhere are creatively using photography for visual self expression.

About PhotoCulture
PhotoCulture is a creative enabler, where quality and originality are richly rewarded. PhotoCulture truly democratizes access to the world of photographic art, providing unsurpassed connections, recognition and accolades. The PhotoCulture app will provide monthly themed competitions, resulting in prestige on a huge scale, professional connections and significant cash awards.

Curated Contest Model
PhotoCulture’s expertly curated contests have judges who are top-level industry leaders, including museum curators, gallery directors, ad agency creatives and highly acclaimed photo professionals. The curated contest model allows every photo enthusiast the opportunity to share their images with an educated audience that judges work based on merit, style and content, rather than just popularity.  This unprecedented level of access and curation will change the face of how photo artists share and exhibit their photography.

Social Mission
A very important aspect of PhotoCulture is the significant tangible benefits we provide to artists, our social impact. These include new revenue streams, mentorships, media exposure, photo industry connections, education, inspiration and more. Indeed, we’ve always had this agenda here, creating ventures that provide real value and substantial benefits for artists. PhotoCulture is dedicated to supporting the photographic community worldwide.

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