Bill Armstrong

“Renaissance #1005”


Renaissance #1005 is made using my unique process of photographing found images extremely out of focus, with the lens set at infinity. The source material is a master drawing from the Renaissance. The process of appropriating an image and subjecting it to a series of manipulations transforms the original, giving it a new meaning in a new context—a renaissance of the Renaissance, if you will. The image is also meant to be a meditative piece (like all the work in the Infinity series) transporting the viewer to another world, human-centered like the civic humanist ideals of the 15th century, but ethereal and luminous—an exaltation of the spirit.


I am a New York-based fine art photographer who has been shooting in color for over 30 years. I am represented by ClampArt in New York, Hackelbury in London and Scott White in San Diego. My work is in many museum collections including the Vatican Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and the Bibliotheque National de France. My web site is:

Selected by Julian Cox, Chief Curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.