Janet Century



“Dude” touches upon certain dichotomies in our racially and ethnically diverse American culture. It captures a moment enhanced by body language and the interplay of light and composition. It exists because of my unique life experience and choices.  Only I could have been there, seen it coming and positioned myself to capture the moment; I created this moment.I’m privileged to interpret reality through my own, unique vision. I choose humor, contradictions, beauty and emotion in the context of a moment, geometry and light to convey a message about the human condition and relationships. What interests me is finding a common denominator through which all humans can relate, one that would reduce boundaries and create a sense of interconnectedness.


As an assignment photographer, I am blessed with the opportunity to engage with all kinds of people in diverse environments. The camera gives me access and permission to immortalize. Satisfaction comes from solving visual problems for my clients and seeing my work effective in publication. I am blessed by my young muse, Peter, my 10-year-old son, who has inspired an unimaginable personal journey. A single mother, my priority is parenting. I used to think that exotic travel outside my workaday reality was necessary for inspiration.I know now that what matters is my inner journey and being at peace with who, what and where I am in life. I wrap my need to create dynamic photos into my everyday life.

Selected by Arthur Ollman, Emeritus Professor at San Diego State University.