Julie Dennis Brothers

“Fire Lord”


It’s cold in the mountains of Malawi. As dusk was falling, the children had to keep warm. What better way then to play with abandon in the fire set along the road side. Swarms of children, like bees in a honey comb, darting in and out of the fire for it’s warm nectar. Not to mention the “tasty treats” the children spear – the rodents scramble from their holes dodging the flames and the dancing feet but to be caught in the line of fire.


I didn’t know until third grade that the reason I couldn’t read was because my vision was so bad. When we went to the library I would become absorbed in picture books, animal illustrations and photographs; developing an innate awareness of composition and the use of space. Initially drawn to landscape photography, my love is the world of celebrity portraits and fashion photography. My intent with “Raising Malawi” is to compel people to get involved. It can only get better. Knowing I am part of this movement is the most delicious feeling. Go to www.raisingmalawi.com for more information.

Selected by Tim Wride, Curator of Photography at the Norton Museum of Art.