Sandra Elkind  

“It Was Wishful Thinking Of Her To Save It (#2)”


While in everyone’s life there are landmark events that are documented by a camera, (birthdays, weddings, etc), I am intrigued by the unexpected moments, just as memorable, that are not captured by a camera. They create memories that are more fluid then those associated with photographs because there is nothing anchoring them. As such they are manipulated and edited by our imagination. The more we retell or relive these memories the more they resemble fables, but if not triggered frequently enough you run the risk of them fading away over time. In response to the fluidity of memory, I create documents of undocumented moments. I capture a physical snap shot of how those moments are remembered today. To physically recreate the aesthetic of a memory I construct sets from a mixture of photographic prints and three-dimension objects. Like our imagination, the sets weave together different layers of fact and fiction that heighten the drama of the moment. To me, a memory is the essence of a moment. It is a reliquary filled with vivid emotions, saturated aesthetics and vague narratives. I was born in Denver, CO and received my MFA from Parson the New School for Design New York City.

Selected by Julian Cox, Chief Curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.