Michael Desmond



I was in Kenya documenting doctors and medical students from the University of California at Davis: Kenya Project, providing healthcare to people throughout Kenya. The classroom was very dark, lit only by light flooding in from the door and windows. I turned around and saw this boy gazing out the window. As I brought the camera to my eye, he turned to me as the sound of my shutter caught his attention; the moment was gone. This trip had such a profound effect on me personally that it took over a year before I could begin to edit all of the images without feeling overwhelmed by emotion.


Michael Desmond’s passion for photography began as child when he would shoot photographs with his grandfather on the sands of Pismo Beach, California. Michael now shoots for the television and motion picture industry. A mentor once told Michael, “A good photograph has the ability to not only tell the story of its subjects, but that of the shooter as well.” Working as a professional photographer has enabled Michael to pursue his passion as a documentary photographer; allowing him to travel the world and give back by telling stories through the lens.

Selected by Natasha Egan, Curator and Executive Director at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.