Adrian Fernandez

“Untitled #6”


We would be nothing without attributes; without them we would be unrecognizable as individuals. Objects are, above their functional characteristics, symbols that express our identity; they differentiate and legitimize us. They are symbols of our existence, status and power. I take everyday objects that, in the manner of layers and skin, define tastes, ideologies, classes and social levels, or their appearance thereof. By penetrating the personal space of the individual that owns and enjoys them, I can start a dialogue with the culture, whether inherited or assimilated, that modulates the identity of the human being in each context.


Adrian Fernandez studied visual arts at the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy and later at the Superior Institute of Arts in Havana. He works as an independent artist and as a lecturer on Documentary Photography for NYU, Tisch School of the Arts .This image belongs to the To Be or To Pretend series. It was exhibited in 2011 in a solo show at the Houston Center for Photography, it is part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston photography collection and was exhibited at the Photoquai Biennial in the Museé du Quai Branly, Paris.

Selected by Julian Cox, Chief Curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.