Ron Brown

“Candy Boy”


I went into a candy shop on Valentine’s Day, and there was this little boy looking longingly at all the candy. I went behind the counter, got down to his eye level, and caught this moment in time. This is a wonderful image because it shows the intrigue of this child with rows of candy. More importantly we can all see ourselves in this image. The glass is symbolic of the barriers in our own lives that keeps us from over induldgeing our own desires.


Published in over 39 countries Ron Brown sells his work to collectors and through retail outlets in the western United States. He was nonminated to b e one of the top 300 artists in Utah. Much of his Ron’s work is a demonstration of deconstruction, producing relationships among unrelated things. He has endless ideas for images, and enjoys creating conceptual photographic illustrations. Ron also loves the desert landscape, and has a portfolio of world class slot canyons, petroglyphs and Utah landscapes many of which are available on his website. His images are sold worldwide by photographic stock agencies. Currently, and as in the past, Ron shares his talents within his community by assisting educators to expand children’s appreciation of art and photography through artist in residence programs.

Selected by Arthur Ollman, Emeritus Professor at San Diego State University.