David Zaitz

“Homeland Security”


Irony is one of the key elements of my work whether it’s discovered on my frequent photographic road trips or conceived to promote my advertising work. The idea of a security camera with its blinking red light in an otherwise pristine and peaceful redwood forest seemed to be a particularly poignant comment on the increasing intrusion of surveillance and subsequent loss of privacy in the post 9/11 American society.


David Zaitz is an LA-based photographer known for his quirky, people/location imagery. Whether tackling a production-intensive multi-city advertising shoot or discovering storytelling for an intimate editorial piece, Zaitz shifts gears seamlessly, bringing an affable “user-friendly” attitude to every shoot. Between commercial assignments Zaitz can be found on the road shooting personal road trip projects, exploring and documenting what he calls “architectural anthropology”. Recent projects have included trips through rural Texas and an exploration of the Midwest “Rust Belt.”

Selected by Charlotte Cotton, Curator in Residence at the International Center of Photography.