Allan Davey



Photographing everyday objects from an unusual vantage point throws off our sense of reality. I enjoy the way it plays with our sense of scale. In this case the homes made me think of game pieces from Monopoly and provides the abstract quality I am so often drawn to. This photograph is part of an ongoing series of aerial photographs exploring the graphic shapes of our world that covertly surrounds us.


Allan Davey in an international award winning photographer residing in Stratford Canada. As a commercial photographer his work has appeared in Lurzer’s Archive, Graphis and Print Magazine among others. His current focus is a personal definition of Photography as Art. “The primary challenge is bridling my enthusiasm.I am re-visiting the essence of photography that attracted me initially. I feel like a fish that has surfaced and discovered water ” His fine art photography is being received well internationally receiving the Special Jury Prize and Outstanding Achievement at the last two exhibitions. Both in Italy.

Selected by Carol McCusker, Curator of Photography at the Harn Museum of Art.